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Every legal case involving the sale of real property deserves to have trusted, vetted and highly qualified experts to advise, consult and assist with the transaction. These trusted, vetted and experienced professionals carry themselves with integrity and commitment to the parties involved. They are the reason legal professionals reach out to Real Estate Agents with these designations. Megan is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert as of the Class of 2022 of The Ilumni Institute Inc.™ All rights reserved. Ilumni™, CDRE™, and Certified Divorced Real Estate Expert™are Trademarks of the Ilumni Institute Inc.™ and are used with permission. With her dedication to those going through the Family process, she seeks to serve the legal professionals serving those property owners at a critical point in their journeys. Learn More about CDRE and about Megan’s experience below.

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Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer, First Time Investor, Seasoned Seller, Seasoned Investor or just need some Real Estate assistance, Megan is committed to helping in any way she can.

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