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Home Staging Tips to Add Value this Summer

Home Staging Tips to Add Value this Summer

Let the light in

Lighting is one of the most important factors when selling a home. You want rooms to feel cheerfully bright. It helps make the rooms feel more open and spacious.
Cut back trees or plants that block any light from the windows. Choose window treatments that are light-colored and lightweight.
If certain rooms do not get enough natural light, make sure to fill them with artificial light.

Enhance your curb appeal with color

Summer is associated with bright, vivid colors. Capture the spirit of the season by adding color to your curb appeal.
Do this by adding colorful flowers into your landscaping. If you’d rather not purchase anything new, you can purchase pots and fill them with flowers. This way you can take them with you when you move.
Placing colorful flowers around the front door is another great way to create a wonderful first impression.

Keep your entryway immaculate

You should pay extra attention to keeping the area around your front door immaculate.
Make sure all your front windows are thoroughly clean. Also check caulk around windows and doors. Clear out any debris in your gutters and downspouts.
A fresh coat of paint on the front door will make the home feel newer. A clean new welcome mat will have the same effect and can help make your home more memorable.

Show off your outdoor spaces

During the summer, many people like to spend extra time outdoors in the sunshine. If your home has any outdoor living areas, be sure to show them off.
Stage seating areas. Neutral furniture with colorful accents is ideal. Make outdoor spaces feel extra cozy with throw pillows and an area rug. Have an outdoor dining area? Stage it with pretty plates and a beautiful centerpiece.
These easy accessories will add more style to your home.

Keep the AC cool + offer refreshments

Sometimes the heat can be sweltering. You’ll want to make sure your AC is cool enough to make buyers feel comfortable. In addition, turn on the ceiling fans to keep the air circulating.
Offering cool beverages is a wonderful touch when showing your home to potential buyers. If you are hosting an open house, you can prepare a beverage in a large batch. Place a large glass beverage dispenser with ice on a pretty tray with paper cups. Make a little sign inviting guests to help themselves.

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