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Four Reasons to Sell in the Fall


Four Reasons to Sell in the Fall


In the final months of 2022, the housing market isn't the same as it was just a few months ago, however, that doesn't mean selling your home this fall is a bad idea. In fact, I have listed below four reasons why you should still consider getting your home on the market now!


The Demand for Homes is High

As you have seen in the market reports, there is still a very high demand in this area for homes. With lower inventory and high demand, you will be able to sell for an amount that helps you make more from your investment!


Home Appreciation

​With the increase in appreciation in the DFW area and nationwide, selling now is a great time to get the benefit of all the money you have put in for your home over the years. Cash in on your equity and make a move to your dream home!


Supply Chain

Post Covid market, the supply chain is starting to un-kink. What happens when more new homes start to come to market fast? The time for selling will pass by as these new builds start to pop up faster and faster. You'll want to get your home sold now before that happens!


Ready to Upgrade or Slim Down and  Buyers are Motivated!

​Maybe your home doesn't fit your needs anymore. With the shifting market, now is the time to sell and get into that home that will make the next years of your life convenient. Are you scared of interest rates? Don't be, rates are always fluctuating and you'll be able to refinance when you see the number you want!


If you're ready to sell, get your home valuation now:   Free Home Valuation

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