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Finding the Perfect Home


Finding the perfect home is not easy, it takes a process, time and a great guide. We have a few tips here that can help you navigate this process. If you need a more curated experience, we recommend you reach out and schedule a free consultation to see how we can curate the process just for you.


CRITERIA - Before you begin looking for your new home, we recommend starting with a series of questions to help you create a criteria around your search. We love to start with Why. Why move at all? Why now? Knowing your why behind the decision will help you on this journey. It will help you to discover where you need to go and how you should navigate this process. We also ask What and How questions, that help you discover what you are looking for and how you will make this transition. 


FILTER - The next step in the process is to filter the answers to the What questions down to a searchable filter that will produce results. We guide you through that process while utilizing the Multiple Listing Service, our app and other tools we have available, to help us currently source a list of properties to meet your needs.


REMOVE: After the filter step comes one of the hardest steps for buyers, yet a necessary step. The removal step strips away properties that would not meet your criteria, would not meet your “how” answers and generally are undesirable or unfinanceable. Typically we are left with a small sampling of properties that meet your criteria, work within your timeframe, budget and goals. This is how we get to the fun part, the last step. 


TOUR: Finally, the part every buyer is waiting for; let’s tour homes! In the final step, we have acquired a list of properties that meet the criteria, next we view them to determine which properties still fit the criteria, and may indeed be the home. During the tour we use another system called Rank and Scale to help you yet again filter out those properties that will not truly work for your criteria, your why, and your how. 


The end result is a couple of viable opportunities that fit your needs, and ultimately ONE perfect home!

Do you feel this system would work for you? Are you curious how all this works? Let’s chat to find out! Contact us here.

Want more tips and information: check out our Insights and reach out by email to: [email protected] to find out the date of our Spring Home Buyer’s Seminar.

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