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Beat the Heat: 4 Ways to Protect Your Home

Hottest Summer Ever is Coming!! What To Do!

Are you getting ready for this Summer Heat!! It's going to be a hot one this 2024! Here in Texas there are a few things you should do to protect your home from our intense summer heat! Take a peak at our top 4 tips.


  1. HVAC Tune Up: If you haven't done so yet, immediately, call a trusted HVAC company to come out and service your unit or units. This way you know if they are running low on freon and you don't have them go out in the middle of the summer when its 100 plus outside. We recommend annual Spring and Fall tune up's and most of our trusted vendor partners have deals for you signing up to get that annual maintenance. 
  2. Soaker Hoses for your Exterior: While many summers in North Texas we are under drought restrictions which limits how much water we can run for sprinklers and other non essential water needs. It does not mean you are not allowed to water your lawn, it just means you need to be conservative of the locations you focus to water. This is why we and most foundation companies will say lay some soaker hoses around the perimeter of your home so that you can get the ground around the home moist to help with movement. Too little moisture in the ground is just as bad as too much moisture in the ground. This is why regularly maintaining your lawn as much as possible will keep the soil around your home in the best condition to minimize movement of your foundation. 
  3. Keeping the attic circulating: Depending on the age of your home, you may have attic vents and fans or you may have newer technology to automatically circulate the air. It's helpful to move the air around in the attic not trapping all this hot air in the attic and forcing your HVAC unit to run harder because there is trapped heat in the attic. Placing a call to a trusted roofer first to determine if you have adequate ventilation from the attic to the outdoors would be your first call. While they are out there, they can also confirm that the heat and sun have not damaged any roof shingles or other areas that would also allow the elements inside your home. Then following up with your HVAC company to confirm the unit is able to do its job and cool during these extreme temperatures. 
  4. Windows: Finally those windows they are wonderful in our Spring and Fall months to let in some wonderful light and fresh air. In the summer and the dead of winter, they need to do their job and either keep out the cold or the heat. Depending again on the age of your home and windows you may have broken seals in the windows that can lower the quality of the window and its ability to prevent air from coming in or going out. It's recommend you get an inspector or professional window company to help you understand the current quality of your windows. If you do intend to replace consider energy efficient windows to really help you protect your home from the elements.


These tips can help make your home ready for the most extreme heat in Texas. If you need a list of trusted vendor partner's please reach out to us. We are happy to help.


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